Florida Fishing License Campaign in the News

Do You Have Your Florida Fishing License? Do you have your Florida Fishing License? "I Do."

“Me Too”
I fish in Florida, so, of course, I have a license.

“So Do I”
I don’t actively fish, but I want to be a part of the team.

“We Do”
We’re over 65 and fish from shore—but we do our part by being licensed.

“And Us, Too”
Everyone in the family should have a Florida fishing license.

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Your $17 investment today helps achieve goals tomorrow.

You don't even have to fish to benefit from purchasing a Florida fishing license. The revenue collected from fishing licenses is used to improve and enhance fishing and boating opportunities throughout the state in salt and fresh waters. Things like public marinas, boat ramps, fishing clinics, and artificial reefs are the types of programs funded with your fishing license dollars.